Stomach injury

There is an opened and closed injury. Wounds belong to open (the knife, fire). Closed (blunt) trauma is abdominal wall contusion, with an internal injury or without it, abdominal wall myorrhexis, and ruptures of internals.

Kicks, falling on a hard surface, abrupt stress of muscles are the reason of a blunt trauma during exercises, sometimes at tussis.

At abdominal wall contusion there is a local tumescence, pain, abrasions, hemorrhages are visible. Pain grows at tussis, defecation, change of body position.

The abdominal wall myorrhexis is shown with similar signs, but pain is expressed more sharply, leading to a reflex stopping of intestine (dynamic obstruction), and abdominal distention. In case myorrhexis hemorrhages, which sometimes far extend, can be formed.

At kick in stomach ruptures of small intestine is met more often. Symptoms of intestine rupture are: growing abdominal pain, restriction of respiratory movements, strain of muscles, vomiting, and pulse increase.

Injury of liver is often met. Ruptures and cracks happen inside of capsule, but at severe injury parts of liver tear off. The condition of the patient is serious, with loss of consciousness. Because of bleeding arterial pressure falls, pulse is accelerated, the skin turns pale, sweats, respiration is speeded up, and there is a thirst.

Injuries of spleen are also frequent. The hypodermic rupture of spleen may happen even at a slight injury. If the rupture of spleen occurs under the capsule, the accruing hematoma lacerates it, there is a massive bleeding in an abdominal cavity. The rupture of spleen is characterized by the expressed pressure drop, frequent pulse. Pain is localized in the left hypochondria.

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