Salmonellosis is the intestinal infection caused by microbes from a genus of salmonellas. Bacteria are long preserved: till 5 months in water, up to 4 in sausages, almost half a year at freezing. In many products (meat, milk) of salmonella even breeds, thus appearance of medium of habitat doesn’t change. Smoking and pickling very poorly influence microbes. Salmonellosis perfectly extends through eggs of sick birds.

Symptoms of illness can appear within 6-72 hours after infection. They can be strongly marked, but sometimes are indistinct. In the latter case the person becomes a bacteria carrier – he doesn’t suffer himself, but can infect people around.

Salmonellas discharge a poison, having lodged in the intestine lumen. Its action compels the organism to lose water through the intestinal wall. The tonus of vessels is broken, the nervous system is damaged. In most cases temperature increases, there is a general weakness, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, liquid watery stool many times a day.

The serious course of a disease conducts to organism dehydration. Patient’s liver and spleen are enlarged, the renal failure sometimes develops. At the correct treatment salmonellosis passes in a week.

For fight against salmonellas antibiotics are prescribed. To compensate the lost liquid, saline solutions are injected to the patient. Preparations for removal of toxins and renewal of usual intestinal micro flora are given. The diet and health-improving measures are useful.

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