Overview of abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is uncomfortable and does not give to live by full life, significantly reducing the joy of life. Such pain can be felt anywhere in the abdomen area between the chest and the pelvis. In severe cases of abdominal pain are classified as acute or chronic. This classification is determined by the duration and timing of the pain. Pain can be acute or temporary such that persists over an extended period of time – chronic pain. Abdominal pain may occur due to the huge number of reasons. In a significant number of cases, abdominal pain is not a serious cause for concern. However, one should consult a doctor immediately if:
1. Present severe abdominal pain,
2. Pain is not severe, but constant, for example, mild pain for a few days or even weeks.
3. Present relevant signs and symptoms: inflammation, bloody diarrhea, or chest pain, and so on.
If we compare men and women, then the second abdominal pain are much more common.
Often indicate the reason for the pain is nearly impossible without preliminary surveys. This is due to the fact that pain may be caused such a number of most varied reasons. For example, it could be any body who is in the abdominal cavity. Absolutely any breach in the digestive system, such as the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, etc., as well as a violation of the proper functioning of the kidneys or spleen can cause abdominal pain. This site is designed to help sort out at least the most common symptoms and possible diseases of the digestive tract.

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