Hepatitis B

This form of viral hepatitis is transmitted through the infected blood at injections by reusable syringes, sexually, to a fetus from mother, at donor blood transfusion. Virus of hepatitis B cannot be transferred with mother’s milk. Danger is in acupuncture, drawing tattoos, dental surgery.

Before emergence of icterus hepatitis B reminds flu. Temperature increases, there is a head ache, and pain in the body is felt. Symptoms accrue gradually, temperature slowly rises. Also the virus is shown by eruption on integuments and joint pain.

In some days appetite vanishes; there are nausea and vomiting, pain in the right subcostal area disturbs, urine darkens, and feces become light. After emergence of icterus there comes improvement. Within several weeks symptoms decrease.

At the normal immune response of organism the acute hepatitis B comes to the end with convalescence. At the asymptomatic course of the disease, owing to the insufficient immune response, chronic hepatitis develops. It represents the greatest danger. Chronic hepatitis is shown by malaise, fatigability. Sometimes there is a pain at the top of a stomach, joints and muscles, nausea. At far gone chronic viral hepatitis there are an icterus, a skin itch, urine darkening, weight loss, a gingival hemorrhage.

The diet limiting fatty, spicy, fried, salty and marinated food is recommended. Alcohol is completely excluded. At an acute hepatitis the maintenance therapy without special antiviral medicines is prescribed. At chronic hepatitis individual treatment with antiviral medicines is carried out. It is necessary to be treated for half a year, sometimes for some years.

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