Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor. The probability to fell ill depends on heredity, features of nutrition (spicy, salty, fried, smoked and tinned food), in particular the nitrite giving a red color to sausages is capable to cause a cancer. Precancerous states are long stomach diseases – gastritis with the reduced acidity, polyps and ulcers. More often there is a cancer in people who underwent operations. Connection with cancer of Helicobacter Pylori bacterium living in stomach in half of people is proved. Infection with this bacterium can occur at kisses. Smoking and alcohol definitely lead to cancer. In a healthy stomach there is no cancer. At first properties of the cells covering stomach from within are changed.

The small tumor doesn’t give the expressed symptoms. Only sometimes loss of appetite, disgust for certain products, small temperature increase, and decrease of hemoglobin level becomes perceptible.

With growth of cancer tumor there new symptoms appear – heaviness in stomach after meals, nausea and vomiting, disturbances of stool (diarrheas and constipations). In time there are pains at the top of abdomen. At invasion in pancreas there are pains of the encircling character extended to back. Abdomen is enlarged in sizes, and liquid (ascites) accumulates in it. The patient grows thin. If vessels are blasted, bleeding is possible.

The success of cancer therapy of stomach depends on the sizes of the tumor and lesion with it the neighbor organs, existence of the remote metastasis.

The main method of treatment is a surgery. Tumor is removed with a part of stomach; sometimes it is necessary to remove stomach completely. After operation treatment medicines or radiation is prescribed.

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