Gallstone Disease

Gallstone disease is a disease proceeding with formation of stones in bilious ducts. Bile stagnation and growth of salts concentration are guilty in it.

Overeating or starvation, irregular nutrition, obesity, sedentary work and lifestyle, hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, biliary dyskinesia can provoke a gallstone disease.

Stones are formed at sedimentation of bile particles. They consist of calcium salts, bile pigment (bilirubin), and cholesterol.

At overeating or harsh riding the stone can pass in bile duct orifice, having corked it (biliary colic). Bile outflow is broken; walls of gallbladder are overstretched and the patient feels severe pain under a costal arch or at the top of stomach on the right side. Pain at biliary colic attack may extend in back and right arm. There is a bitter taste in a mouth, vomiting which does not bring a relief.

If the small stone could pass ducts and drop out in intestine – the attack of colic stops, the stone comes outside. Otherwise there is an occlusion of biliary ducts; there is a danger of an acute cholecystitis.

Treatment is begun with a diet. Prescribe split meals, fat, fried, spicy, carbonated drinks, chocolate, smoked products, the irritating seasonings, alcohol are excluded. The vegetable nutrition, dairy products are recommended.

In the presence of small single cholesterol stones the method of their dissolution in a gall bladder is applied. The course of treatment lasts one and a half year. In many patients stones are formed again. Crushing of stones with ultrasound or classical surgery is more effective.

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