Ectopic Pregnancy

The ectopic pregnancy seriously threatens life, requires emergency aid of the gynecologist. It arises at an attachment of the fertilized ovum outside the uterus. Pregnancy develops in a uterine tube, occasionally in ovaries, in abdominal cavity. 1-2% of all pregnancies are extra uterine.

It is impossible to define independently that pregnancy is abnormal. At extra uterine the menses also delays, mammary glands change. But complications of ectopic pregnancy really threaten the woman’s life. In order not to miss ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to get registered at gynecological department, to pass necessary examination.

The probability of ectopic pregnancy increases with age. The women with chronic inflammations passing infertility treatment, suffering from endometriosis, congenital anomalies of uterus or tubes, non-carrying of pregnancy, wearing endometrial spiral as contraception have to be attentive.

The ectopic pregnancy cause – is wrong contraction or tubal occlusion that happens at inflammation in ovaries and tubes (after abortion), disturbances of endocrine profile, congenital underdevelopment of uterine tubes, various tumors of genitals.

When the oosperm stays too long in uterine tube the fetus can’t fully develop, the thin delicate wall cannot stretch like uterus.

On 4-6 week the uterine tube is lacerated, there is a bleeding in stomach cavity. Attack-like pain in the bottom of a stomach occurs, weakness, giddiness, often loss of consciousness. Damage of a large vessel leads to loss of large blood quantity, and it is deadly.

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