Cystitis is an inflammation of internal bladder mucosa. More often women suffer from cystitis; the urethral channel in them is short, wide, and the infection gets easier into the bladder. More often the originator of infectious cystitis is colon bacillus; chlamydia, funguses, urea plasma are seldom.

The role of disturbances of blood circulation in small pelvis during sedentary work is important, frequent or long constipations, wearing of the squeezing clothes, tight stockings. Decrease in immunity, influence of the irritating substances which are discharged with urine, at use of spicy or over roasted nutrition, large amount of spices also influences.

At acute cystitis of the patient suffers from frequent urination which is followed by a sharp pain in bladder and perineum. At the end of urination blood is discharged. The more inflammation is expressed, the more often is uresiesthesia the sharper is pain. In case of severe form of acute cystitis the person should urinate in 15-20 minutes round the clock. Body temperature rises; there is nausea.

Chronic cystitis proceeds with similar, less expressed symptoms. Its course is persistent or is characterized by frequent exacerbations.

You shouldn’t try to cure cystitis on your own. For this purpose it is necessary to apply to gynecologist or urologist. Comprehensive treatment is prescribed, based on fight against the infection if cystitis has the infectious nature. The infection of sexual ways should be treated concurrently in women otherwise they will again become a source of microorganisms for bladder.

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