Chronic cholecystitis

Chronic cholecystitis is a gall bladder inflammation with slow gradual development. Usually the cholecystitis develops as complication of gall stones. Stones lead to damage of a bubble wall, make difficult bile outflow. There are bacteria or parasites in bile – ameba, worms in most of patients with cholecystitis.

The inflammation of gall bladder can be caused with getting of aggressive enzymes of pancreas. Often such situation accompanies pancreatitis. Also the course of disease is promoted by congenital deformation of bubble, its trauma, dyskinesia of biliary ducts, tumors of abdominal organs, diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis, living on snacks, sedentary lifestyle, constipations, and pregnancy.

As a result of inflammatory process bubble walls are thickened, lose flexibility, the mucosa ulcerates, becomes covered by cicatrices. It promotes further deterioration of bile passage and formation of new stones. There is a chronic cholecystitis.

The patient feels dull aches, with a locating in the right hypochondria, periodically shows complaints to nausea, vomiting, the distended abdomen, regular diarrheas after meals. The exacerbation arises in 2-4 hours later after eating of greasy, fried, smoked food. Jolting, frigorism, stresses, exercise stresses can provoke an attack. Smoked, spicy, fried, sausages, canned food, spicy cheeses, chocolate, alcohol, carbonated drinks are excluded.

At chronic cholecystitis the diet is prescribed. Milk and fruit soups, boiled vegetables, puddings, porridges, boiled fish, low-fat meat are used. Tea, kissel, compote, juice, milk, mineral waters are allowed for drinking.

From medicines spasmolytic and bile-expelling medicines are applied.

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