Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis in fact, is a self-digestion of the pancreas filled with digestive enzymes which are developed in it. In norm they are activated, only coming to intestine lumen but if activation comes earlier, consequences are very serious. Trypsin splits protein, ruins gland tissues, gets into blood and damages the next organs. The patient has blue-black maculae on back and stomach surface – traces of destructive effect of enzyme. Illness proceeds very hard, the lethal outcome is possible.

Disturbance of outflow of pancreatic juice, which is generated in quantity of one and a half liters, can provoke acute pancreatitis. It occurs at a muscular spasm of cells of a of the gland duct papilla combined with biliary. For example, tannins of cognac cause muscles spasms, and the fat snack stimulates production of pancreas juice. Therefore, most often patients with acute pancreatitis come to hospitals on days off and holidays.

The main symptom of acute pancreatitis is extremely severe pain at the top of stomach (in epigastria, subcostal area), with the encircling character. It cannot be removed with spasmolytic and analgesic, strong narcotic opiates, like morphine. Vomiting, diarrhea, weakness becomes perceptible.

Often the cholecystitis, infection with development of purulent complications joins acute pancreatitis. Intra-abdominal bleeding, peritonitis can develop.

After having an acute pancreatitis most of patients have a chronic form of disease. Its exacerbations are provoked by the irritating nutrition, alcohol. As a result of destruction insulin – generating cells diabetes mellitus can develop.

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