Abdominal Pain Localization

Pain, noted in the upper right part of the peritoneum often observed in diseases of the liver, biliary system, duodenum, various diseases of the pancreas, or the right kidney. From these centers give pain to other areas, for example in the area of the right shoulder in diseases of the biliary tract, in the region of the back – with duodenal ulcer disease and malfunctions of the pancreas, in the testicles (in men) – for kidney stones.
In the upper right abdomen can give pain emanating from the centers in neighboring organs. Right-sided pleural effusion of different character goes with pain in the right upper quadrant, and for violations observed in the right lower abdomen, pain at times can be revoked in the upper right-hand side.

Pains in the upper left part of the peritoneum are characteristic of diseases of the stomach, pancreas, hiatal hernia, spleen, or inflammation of the left colon. Quite often in the flow of these diseases gradually to the fore soreness in the middle section of the abdomen.
The long-term pain passing in the middle of the abdomen suspicious also because they can talk about the presence of epigastric hernia, hiatal hernia, and in general, a wide range of diseases of the esophagus. Sometimes these pains can be characteristic of dissecting aneurysm of the aorta.
Under pain in the right lower abdomen is necessary to assume the possibility of recurrent appendicitis, colonic damage, kidney or genitals.
Evidence of the existence of various diseases of the genital organs can be a pain in the left lower abdomen.
Important in the diagnosis and has the character of the perceived pain: burning, nagging ache, aching, etc.

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