Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

Diagnosis abdominal pain is very important, because by itself to treat pain is useless. Please be aware that the reason for this pain. And the reason may be a great many.
The first, whom to contact with abdominal pain, is a therapist who, after examination and some tests, if necessary, refer you to a medical specialist, such as a gastroenterologist or a gynecologist.
In any case, diagnosis of the disease begins with a physical examination at a reception at the doctor. During the examination, the doctor will ask you to describe everything you anxious symptoms, when they occur, the intensity of the flow, asked about the possibility of postponed injuries or other chronic diseases, so be ready for it. Most likely, you will measure the blood pressure and asked to measure the temperature.

Doctor must pay attention to the color of your skin, the condition of the oral mucosa, respiratory rate and heart rate. Possible violations of the doctor can also determine by palpation (feeling the abdomen).
In the future, if necessary, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound of the abdomen.
Informative value in diagnosis and laboratory tests will be:
- Complete blood count;
- A blood test for amylase, sugar, alkaline phosphatase or bilirubin;
is a generic analysis of urine.
Sometimes the doctor can be assigned x-ray, but this happens only when there is reasonable suspicion of a specific disease.
Following examination of the symptoms and tests the doctor takes one of three solutions: urgent hospitalization, planned hospitalization or outpatient.

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