10 Rules Of Prevention Abdominal Pain

To talk about prevention of all possible abdominal pain is not necessary. Too diverse reasons for their occurrence and diseases associated with them. However, the general recommendations for the prevention of violations are not severe digestive or stomach and intestines work in medicine still exist.
1 Eat only when you feel hungry. On average, between meals should be held for at least 4 hours.
2 Try to eat in a strictly defined time. This will help the body to work “on schedule” and not suffer from unplanned pies.

3 Food absorbs biting small pieces. Feel the taste of the food. Also recommended that a very high quality chew to mouth even solid food turned into a liquid.
4 Never rush while eating. The optimal time for another lunch or dinner is from 15 to 30 minutes.
5 In order not to overeat, it is recommended before meals drink half a cup of ordinary pure non-carbonated table water and drink to eat in the food a few sips of water all the same. But remember, this is important – is used exclusively ordinary purified water.
6 Get up from the table, leaving a little more hungry, even if the owner is looking at you offended look.
7 Include in your diet plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits. They can easily replace one of the meals. But do not seek to find strawberries in winter or summer, persimmons. All in good time.
Not more than 8 and absolutely harmless considered the use of activated carbon in courses for 2-3 days for the excretion of various toxins, waste and help the digestive system.
9 You can also, to arrange one discharge (hungry) day a week.
10 During the day, drink plenty of fluids and try to add in the daily diet hot entrees.

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